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I’m Karen Russell the founder of an innovative approach to losing weight for good. At last, you have found the help you need! If you’ve been feeling stuck trying to get the results you dream of, and to achieve the permanent weight loss that you really, really want then I’ll help you get there. That’s what I do, and I do it because I’m good at it & genuinely love to see people succeed & finally be happy.


I know what it’s like to feel like you’re going around in circles, never getting anywhere, trying all different things to lose the weight & more importantly to keep it off! Can you imagine looking and feeling your best, eating and sleeping well, having great relationships and being truly contented with your life? Is this possible you ask yourself? Yes, it is absolutely possible for you, and I promise I’ll share that with you & show you how so you can do it.


So many things just seem to get in your way. Some are outside influences over which you may not have much control, but mainly the thing standing in your way is... well... you, and you know it! You know that if you could just ‘make yourself’ do the things that you know let you lose excess weight & just keep doing it, then you will have cracked it!


We've all learned certain ways of thinking, feeling and acting over our lifetime – our habits. Some habits are helpful, such as cleaning our teeth, or putting our seatbelts on in the car. However, some of our habits are not so helpful, like comfort eating, social eating & binge eating etc.


Think of this though - your habits are simply that - just habits - so aren't set in stone!  You have far more power to change the habits you don’t want far easier than you ever thought, and I can show you & guide you to do this.


Your habits are a massive part of the whole picture of how to finally take the struggle out of losing the weight for good. If you stick with me I’ll help you with the entire solution.

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